Monday, January 16, 2006

Welcome to Blogging Intro to Political Theory

Welcome to the Introduction to Political Theory Web Log.

Welcome to the Govt 180 Discussion Web Log. This should be a fun way to participate further in Hon 102 and earn some extra credit along the way. To begin with, we're going to have few rules and requirements.

1. To count for the full six points of extra-credit, students need to post 15 different comments over at least 10 separate weeks. Only one post per week will be counted for extra credit between April 1 and the rest of the semester. The idea here is that students shouldn't seek to load up on posts at the end of the semester to claim extra credit.

2. Posts that count for extra credit should be at least 100 words long.

3. Posts that count for extra credit should have a connection (however vague) to political theory (which is a very broad field).

4. Everyone who contributes to the blog needs to adapt a nickname, report that nickname to the professor, and use the nickname when you post. The professor will be adapting one or more nicknames as well.

5. Avoid personal insults concerning other posters.

6. The Professor reserves the right to change the rules without advance notification.


god_is_liberal said...

I found the life of Glenn Loury very interesting. I find it absolutely astonishing that someone can just change on something as big as race. I am a liberal, but an extremely "unique" liberal. I Do believe what Glenn Loury said as a republican when he said that the black community is responsible for pulling themselves out of the ghetto. I believe that this country has many, many flaws but I do believe that the American dream still exists in today's America. I also found it interesting in how he could see the economic benefits of going with the GOP earlier in life because that's where the money and prestige was, You do not even have to be a Harvard Professor to see taht.

Ric Caric said...

That's especially the case if you're a black intellectual like Loury. Being a conservative black intellectual means that you can get important positions in Republican administrations, cushy appointments at conservative think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute, and automatic outlets for all your writing. Interestingly enough though, Loury's strongest loyalties always remained with African-Americans.